Flour Tips

In the South, flour from soft wheat is often used for biscuits and other baked goods. This soft, southern wheat flour has a gluten content of about 8 percent. However, all-purpose flour is an acceptable substitute.

Bread flour, milled especially for baking bread, is higher in gluten (a protein) than all-purpose flours. To determine gluten content of flour, look at the panel on the side of the bag labeled “Nutritional Information.” For bread baking you should use a flour with 14 percent gluten. The higher this protein percentage, the greater volume in your bread loaf.

When a recipe calls for one cup sifted flour, it means you should sift it first. When it calls for one cup flour, sifted, it means you should measure the flour before you sift it.

Keep a new powder puff in your flour canister. When a recipe says to “dust” a pan with flour, use the powder puff!


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