Parsley Tips, Hints, and How-tos

Store fresh parsley by rinsing it and shaking off the excess water. Wrap it in several thicknesses of damp paper towels. Store the wrapped parsley in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Freeze parsley by rolling the sprigs into a tight ball, then wrapping in foil. Freeze. Unwrap when needed and shave off the quantity you require. Re-wrap the remainder and return to the freezer. It will retain its flavor and freshness.

Keep parsley fresh in your refrigerator by putting the bunch in a plastic bag with a quarter of an apple.

Keep parsley fresh and crisp by storing in a wide-mouth jar with a tight lid. Parsley may also be frozen.

To keep parsley fresh for up to two weeks, trim 1/2 inch from the bottom of the stems and place the entire bunch in a covered jar that contains enough water to keep the stems wet. Every few days, cut off another 1/2 inch or so because the stems will tend to seal and stop taking up water if you don’t.


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