Sweet Corn Tips, Hints, and How-tos

Grilling corn on the cob — Soak the corn with husks in a pail of water before placing them on the grill, with husks on. The husks will most likely be charred but the corn itself will not be burnt. The corn will have a pleasing buttery taste without adding anything to it.

To remove corn silk, run a damp paper towel or terry cloth over the shucked ear.

To store fresh corn, buy it in the husks and store in the refrigerator. This prevents sugar in the corn from turning to starch.

To select fresh corn, look for fresh green husks, dry silks, and even rows of plump kernels.

Place the small end of a cob of corn in the middle of your angel food cake pan. Cut the corn off. The kernels fall neatly into the pan. There is very little spattering of the milk, and you can easily and neatly cut off all the kernels.

To keep sweet corn yellow, add 1 teaspoon lemon juice to the cooking water a minute before you remove it from the stove.

To test freshness of corn, pop a kernel with your fingernail. If the milk is watery, then the corn is immature. If it is thick and starchy, the corn is old.

When cooking corn on the cob, use the tender green leaves from the corn to line the bottom of the pot. It really improves the taste.


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