Cheese Platter

1 1-pound wheel brie cheese
12 ounces yellow cheddar cheese
12 ounces dill havarti cheese
12 ounces bleu cheese

Arrange the cheeses decoratively on a serving platter. Serve with assorted party crackers, breads, mustards and chutney.

To serve, slice a wedge out of the Brie cheese to ‘start.’ Cut a few slices of one type of the cheese. Have another type cut into cubes for variety. Remember to have a sharp cheese slicer available as well as a cocktail spreader for softer cheeses.
Guidelines for cheese trays
1 type of hard cheese such as Cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese or Jarlsburg
1 type of creamy soft cheese such as Brie cheese or goat cheese
1 type of pungent soft cheese such as bleu cheese
1 type of semi-soft cheese such as Gouda cheese

twenty appetizers


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