Butter Tips, Hints, and How-tos

To dot a casserole or pie with butter, use a coarse grater to shred cold butter over the dish.

To cream cold butter more easily, put it in the microwave on low to medium power for 10 to 15 seconds.

Fill a measuring cup half full of water and add enough butter to make a cup. Pour off the water and you will have exactly 1/2 cup of butter and no messy cup to wash.

If a recipe calls for unsalted butter and you have only salted butter, remember that each 8 ounces of salted butter contains about 3/4 teaspoon of salt. Reduce the salt you add to your recipe by that amount.

Place softened butter or margarine in a pastry bag fitted with a large rosette tip, then pipe butter roses onto a baking sheet and refrigerate until firm. These exquisite butter roses can be served right away or frozen and stored in a plastic bag for future use.

To soften ice cold or frozen butter quickly, grate it coarse and leave it briefly at room temperature. It will be just right for creaming in just a few minutes.

When creaming butter with an electric mixer, rinse the beaters under hot water, then dry them thoroughly. This softens the butter more quickly.


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