Bbq Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms

1 8 ounce package large button mushrooms
1 pound package peppered bacon; room temp cut in 1/2
4 tablespoons barbecue sauce

Cut the stems off the mushrooms. Rinse briefly and dry them well with paper towels.

Wrap each mushroom with the bacon strip halves. Use 2 if the cap is not completely covered. The bacon will stick to the mushrooms so there is no need for toothpicks.

In a medium saute pan over medium-high heat, saute the bacon wrapped mushrooms until the bacon is golden brown.

Just as the bacon begins to crisp up a bit, add the BBQ sauce and toss until coated.

Serve immediately.

Note: I drained the bacon wrapped mushrooms on paper towels and drained the fat from the pan. I returned bacon wrapped mushrooms to pan and added sauce.

By:  Adrien Sharp


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